Established in 1993


The Company is primarily focused on international carriers operating scheduled and charter flights(Cargo/Corporate Jets/Pax Charter) across destinations in India with its core objectives to service the existing client base and seek new alliances in the emerging aviation services industry.


Aircon Air Spares & Services Pvt Ltd is a professional aviation service provider rendering A-Z solutions for start-up carriers planning on operations to India to include ground handling contracts, operational, commercial consultancy and assistance support services in India over the last 2 decades.


We are specialists in providing a wide range of Aviation based services to Corporate, Charter and cargo operators at any of the airports of entry in India

We help customers prosper with forward thinking solutions to flight management, providing them with round the clock support. Our experienced team will adapt to any situation, providing you with the proactive, and when needed reactive, service guaranteed to keep the customers  working as efficiently as possible.


We settle all Airport charges/fee upon authorization of our esteemed clientel to various authorities and agencies involved in flight operations, to give our Customers hassle free and smooth flight operations. 

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