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REFERENCE : AIC /SL. No. 3 /2020
DATED : 06-02-2020


The Government has reviewed the guidelines for operation of tourist charter flights to and from India and further liberalised the conditions for operating these flights subject to the condition that tourist charter flights will be permitted only for ‘Inclusive Tour Package’ (ITP).


The application for operating inbound/outbound ITP charter flights to/from India shall be submitted to the Director General of Civil Aviation on the prescribed proforma (Appendix ‘A’) complete in all respects at least three working days prior to the proposed date of operation of the first flight. However, for the flights originating from/or destined for PRC (Prior Reference Countries), the application will have to be submitted seven working days in advance.

The application may be filed by the concerned Indian Tour Operator if security cleared by the Ministry of Home Affairs. In other cases, the services of a flight clearing agency enrolled with DGCA may be utilised.

Note: In case of flights operating to Defence Airfields or to airports without Customs/Immigration facilities, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to make adequate prior arrangements and to obtain prior permission from defence/customs/immigration authorities before submitting the application to DGCA. An undertaking to this effect shall be given along with the application


The point of arrival/departure of the ITP charter flight to/from India need not be the same. Further, an ITP charter flight may also transport the tourists brought into the country on domestic sectors within India as part of the package. However, the initial place of arrival into India and the final place of departure from India shall always be an airport where customs and immigration facilities are available, or have been arranged.

The Indian tour operator shall ensure the following:

  • a) The charter operator is in possession of valid Air Operator’s Certificate(AOC) or equivalent document issued by their DGCA as per ICAO requirements. A copy of the same shall be submitted along with the application.


  • b) The flight crew operating such flight(s) are familiar with the regulations, operating procedures, limitations, and restrictions in respect of airport, airspace and other facilities intended to be used, that may be in force at the time of operation of the flight(s) in India. An undertaking to this effect shall be furnished with the application.

  • c) Advance coordination with the agencies concerned like airport, customs and immigration authorities so that the services and facilities necessary for the operation of the flights are available at the concerned airports in India.


The ITP charter flights will not be permitted to be used for purposes other than carrying bona fide ITP tourists and carriage of cargo under ‘Open Sky Policy’ for which DGCA’s permission has been obtained.

The ITP charter flights shall operate only to the airport(s) in India as specified in the flight clearance issued by DGCA and in accordance with approved flight schedules. For any change, the operator shall obtain prior approval of DGCA.

Handling of the ITP charter flights shall be done by an authorised Ground Handling Agency.


The tour operator shall furnish to DGCA in the first week of every month the number of the tourists brought by them on the ITP charter flights in the previous month.

All ITP charter flights shall operate on promulgated ATS routes for international operations.

All registered baggage and cargo carried on the ITP charter flights shall be subjected to mandatory checks as specified by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

Any other condition considered necessary by DGCA shall be complied with.

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