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The requests for obtaining flight clearance for a foreign registered aircraft can only be submitted through designated flight clearance agencies enrolled by DGCA for the purpose, except for foreign scheduled airline operating under bilateral air services agreement with India, or the requests received through diplomatic channel through MEA or from any other Government Department


Applications for operating non-scheduled flight(s) are required to be submitted in advance with a minimum notice period as follows:


Basic Notice Period

  •  Landing clearances – 03 Working Days

  • Technical stops/Fuel Stops – 01 Working day

  • Overflight clearances – 01 Working day


No prior permission is required for aircraft operating outside the Indian territory which includes territorial waters but within Indian Flight Information Regions (FIRs).


Flights Originating from Prior Reference Countries (PRCs)

Aircraft originating from a PRC (defined currently as Pakistan, China, North Korea, Nigeria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran or Iraq) have special lead time requirements as follows: 

  • Landing clearances – 07 Working Days

  • Technical stops/Fuel Stops – 03 Working days

  • Overflight clearances – 03 Working days


The minimum notice period requirements, however, may not be insisted upon in the following cases: 

  • Ambulance flights (name and address of the patient and the doctor to be given in each case);

  • Relief aircraft of scheduled passenger airline necessitated due to grounding of aircraft;

  • Relief flights in case of natural calamities.

  • Non-revenue traffic by aircraft owned by ICAO member states.


Special permission from the Government of India shall be required in the following cases, due to which, it may take a longer period for clearance of the flight.


  • Stay of any aircraft for more than 15 days;

  • Flight of an aircraft registered in a State not a member of ICAO;

  • Passenger charter flights to India not covered by Tourist Charter

  • guidelines; and

  • Any flight with aircraft capable of air-dropping.


Flights landing at Defence air-fields


For an aircraft landing at a Defence airfield, an AOR number is also required in addition to the Landing Permit clearance. The applicants are required to submit their applications to Air Hqrs./Naval Hqrs., as the case may, through DGCA by giving the full details of the foreign pilots/foreign passengers with their passport numbers etc. at least 30/20 days prior to the operation of the flight respectively.


If a civil aircraft is to carry out a flight for military purposes and with military call sign, both landing permit clearance as well as AOR clearance would be needed. The application in such a case will have to be made both to the Ministry of Defence and DGCA through the Ministry of External Affairs.


Flight clearance shall be valid for a period of 48 hours. If a flight gets delayed beyond 48 hours, it will require fresh clearance from the DGCA


Due to reasons for safety of flights, an AFTN signal authorizing such flights is issued by DGCA in every case. The authorizing reference number (YA/N/……………) shall be quoted at field 18 of the flight plan filed with Air Traffic Control Centre.


Pilot-in-Command is also required to carry the reference number (YA/N/………….) of such AFTN signal authorizing the flight with him and quote it when required by ATC authorities. Overflying aircraft that are unable to quote the authority are liable to make a landing in India, and shall be subject to search/interrogation by authorities upon landing.

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